Here is the webpage of the traveling, camping, geocaching, bird watching (our life list), star gazing and sports playing family.

See links above for pictures of what we’ve been up to lately. For an archive see the link to the left.


Family at Chace dash Ortiz dot org

Name: Mike, Naneen & Nami

Pets: Cocoa Pops (cat) Daisy, Zippy (dogs) & Tino the killer bunny.

Nami’s Favorite Things

  1. 1.Nintendo DS (Toy)

  2. 2.iCarly (TV)

  3. 3.Lily Allen (Music)

Naneen’s Favorite Things

  1. 4.Fringe (TV)

  2. 5.Skream (Music)

  3. 6.Cocktails (Potions)

Mike’s Favorite Things

  1. 7.www.samurai.fm (Music)

  2. 8.Shortwave Radio (Hobby)

  3. 9.Beer (Potions)

  4. 10.Discogs

  5. 11.Our Music Collection

Our Favorite Links

  1. www.mainerollerderby.com

  2. Bristol Rovers

  3. Football grounds we’ve visited

  4. More Family Pictures

  5. Ships Visiting Portland, Maine